General Description of the Institution

Public legal entity, endowment-supported, non-profit, state-recognised higher education institution.

Dear Prospective MEF University Students,

MEF University, an institution of education and research, has been established with the intention of bringing about innovation and development in global higher education, and, of graduating students who will be professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs. Towards this aim, MEF University offers variety and flexibility in its academic programs, and has adopted the “Flipped Classroom” educational model, a globally newly emerging pedagogical method geared towards educating today's Generation Y and the Generation Z, the university students of the 2020s and beyond, thus supplanting a 900-year-old traditional university education system for a digital world where technology prevails in all aspects of our lives.

MEF University’s aim is to be a university that keeps entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and creativity in the foreground with the ability to create value-added both globally and locally.

MEF Educational Institutions have been symbols of innovation, distinctiveness and quality in education since 1972, and have contributed to the educational system of our country with their many achievements.. The living proof of this success is MEF graduates who think, question and walk in the light of science without subscribing to a particular dogma. Carrying the name of MEF into higher education, MEF University was established based on a different understanding of education: with the aim of graduating young people who are able to apply science in an interdisciplinary fashion, who are brave, entrepreneurial and ready to build a better world.

MEF University will bring about difference in the higher education with its performance, quality, international atmosphere, and most importantly, its learning model that will challenge traditional teaching methods. With its distinguished faculty members, MEF University offers its students an educational life rich with opportunities and an intellectually stimulating environment.

MEF University has embarked on its educational journey to engage new generations with a different way of perception: to change the educational methods used so far, to make education suitable for new generations, to remove obstacles and improve quality. We have all witnessed how chalk and blackboard changed into a white board, then an overhead projector and finally into a PowerPoint presentation. Now is the time for a different educational model due to changing perceptions and attention focus of the students. MEF University is the first university in Turkey to apply the “Flipped Learning” educational model, and the first in the world to apply it university-wide. We are providing the most appropriate environment for our students to reach their full potential. MEF University will encourage change agents, not those who resist change. Together with its students, faculty, alumni and staff, MEF University will realize its vision of responding to the needs of the current century in Turkey, and in the world.

Today, knowledge has assumed the most determining role in economic and social development. That undiscovered knowledge delineates our life and shapes our future. I strongly believe that with our distinct educational model, we shall obtain the best environment for pushing the boundaries of extending knowledge.

We are ready to offer you a secure, high-quality student life on our campus in Maslak, the financial and commercial hub of Turkey and Istanbul. We invite you to MEF University to experience this energy and to join us in our journey into the future.

Prof. Dr. Muhammed ŞAHİN