MEF University is committed to international engagement and global collaboration.

We have designed our academic programs in accordance with international qualifications frameworks and accreditation criteria, and aim to have all our academic programs internationally accredited.

We value internationalization of research and scholarship, and encourage international projects, funding and networks, international co-authoring, and internationalization of faculty, and aim to raise our profile in research internationally.

We follow closely international higher education rankings and take into consideration the ranking criteria in formulation of our academic policies.

We value diversity in the student body and aim to have an international student in every classroom.

We want to offer mobility options for our students, faculty and personnel, in study, traineeship, teaching and training, and for that reason form and maintain strong links and partnerships, both within the Erasmus+ program and across the globe.

We will seek global collaborations for joint/dual degrees and accelerated or articulated access for our graduates to post-graduate studies.