Work Placement(s)

13 out of 15 first cycle programs have at least two mandatory internships and Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility is strongly encouraged.

The Professional Development Center aims to help students and graduates get to know themselves and the business life, to continue their personal and professional development, and to help them set goals and make informed choices about their careers in accordance with their individual characteristics. It organizes consultancy services, trainings and events on various topics through different methods to facilitate the transition of students and graduates to life as personally, socially and professionally equipped individuals.

Career Counseling: Providing information and consultancy services on career and development issues, determining career goals suitable for the personal characteristics of students and graduates, shaping career goals and making preferences.

Internship and Job Search Strategies: Providing support to students in preparing resumes, internship/job search strategies, interview techniques and communication with companies within the scope of internship programs and job search, sharing potential internship and job opportunities with students and graduates by constantly interacting with business life.

Establishing a Student and Alumni Network: Building bridges between students and alumni to support the academic and social development of MEF University students. Bringing together students and alumni who want to get help with their professional interests and goals, and sharing internship and job opportunities in the organizations where alumni work with students and alumni.

Training / Workshops: Trainings and workshops organized on different topics to support the professional development of students and graduates (resume / cover letter preparation, job search methods, interview techniques, case studies, career interviews with graduates, etc.).

Career Days: Organizing career/interview days/summits that bring together different areas of expertise and various career opportunities on a sector-specific basis. One-on-one meetings with company representatives and students and graduates.

MEF Alumni / Companies Database: Connecting MEF University students who are looking for internships and jobs with MEF alumni and the institutions or universities where they work, sharing experiences and internship/job opportunities.